Why drug & alcohol testing is required in workplace?

According to an annual household survey conducted by the US government, at least 76.4% of all illicit drug users are 18 years or older working as a full-time or part-time employee. drug abuse in the workplace can hamper the productivity of employees and can even lead to accidents.

Regulated drug and alcohol testing tailored to your needs

Our solutions adhere to the guidelines of SAMHSA DOT and Non-DOT in the USA, NABL for India and country specific regulations for International locations.

 Substance List

Alcohol Methadone
Amphetamines Nitrite
Ethanol [Blood] Opiates
Barbiturates Oxycodone
Benzodiazepines PCP
Cocaine Propoxyphene
Creatinine Marijuana Metabolite
Methaqualone Ethanol

 Specimen Supported

Oral Fluid
Breath swab


    • 1000+ collection sites in the USA that offer drug test specimen collections

    • 300+ laboratories in India for drug testing

    • 65+ International locations to support your drug testing requirement in EMEA, Asia Pacific, Australia, North America and South America.

    • Specimen collection at your doorstep, making it safer for candidates